Private Equity and Club Deals



Pigreco partners have an established track record in the Private Equity sector due to the advisor positions covered by Pigreco for Abacus and Absolute Ventures.

The main investments managed by Pigreco partners were focused on Italian SMEs operating in high potential and low competitive segments, mainly completed through leveraged buy-out and development capital transactions. Pigreco partners acted and/or actually act apical roles in the governance of affiliate companies.

The Pigreco Partners have held and/or still hold key positions in portfolio companies invested by the funds.

Some examples:



Thanks to its long-lasting expertise in Private Equity, Pigreco offer investment opportunities (Club Deals) through ad-hoc New-co. The projects are identified by the partners or reported by professional firms involved in the following due diligence process. Club Deals created by Pigreco are focused on companies with a high growth potential of or leaders in market niches, with high profitability and sustainable development plans. Among all the operations proposed by Pigreco, there are often opportunities for co-investment with qualified investors (Private Equity Funds) in order to guarantee a greater flexibility while choosing the size of the target companies. Projects include the following phases: scouting, screening, due diligence, pitch and closing of the deal. The scouting process involves people with previous experience in Private Equity and Club Deals. Once the screening process is completed, Pigreco prepares the Information Memorandum and starts the Road Show phase. Pigreco is involved in the creation of the New-co (SPV) which will invest through the raised capital. The investors, who participate in the Club Deal, subscribe to a capital increase equals to the amount of necessary investments. In addition to the organisation of these operations, Pigreco often invests directly in the proposed projects.